Delivery & Returns

Delivery Policy (Through Phone/In store/ or email)

We offer same day delivery by 1pm if you call us/ email us/ or stop into our shop by 10am

We offer same day delivery by 6pm if you call us/ email us/ or stop into our shop by 12pm

If you email us please be on standby as we will most likely have questions and will be needing payment. If you do not answer we may not be able to send out your arrangement. 

If you are looking for something specific we recommend ordering days in advance and even then we can not guarantee that we can get exactly what you are looking for but will keep you updated throughout the process. 

Please keep in mind for designs being sent to funeral services, we have to have them delivered hours before the services start. Please plan accordingly so we can make sure we can get it delivered for you. 

Delivery Policy (Through Website)

We offer standard and express delivery to our customers to ensure flexibility.

We do not offer same day delivery when ordering on our website.


Standard: Includes only the delivery fee and the arrangement will be delivered anytime between 9AM-6PM on the day the customer is wanting it delivered.

Express: Includes the delivery fee, additional fee, and the design will be delivered by 1PM on the day the customer is wanting it delivered. 


We are not open to the public on Sundays but we will deliver for funeral occasions and major holidays (such as Mothers Day)

If a customer has no preference we will send out the arrangement at our greatest convince and thank you for your flexibility! 


We ask that they use these time slots to ask when the recipient will be home, at work, etc.. If the recipient does not answer the door and we feel the flowers are safe on their front porch we will leave them there and contact the customer. Due to temperatures and environments throughout the year, it is not always an option to leave them safely on a front porch. If our team feels that the flowers could be damaged when waiting for their owner, we will leave a note on their door stating to call us to schedule a pickup time. We will not redeliver under any circumstance (unless the purchaser pays for delivery twice) as it is the customers responsibility to know when the recipient will be home. We hope that occasions like this are rare and flowers are delivered safety to their happy home and owners!

It is store policy that we will not deliver anything if there is a dog outside while delivering. We will remain inside of our vehicle until an owner is present or we will call the customer explaining the situation and try to redeliver. The safety of our delivery drivers is the most important so thank you for your understanding!

Return & Exchange Policy

We do NOT offer any refunds, exchanges, or returns on any flowers or products purchased through Bell's Flowers! We pride ourselves in our products and customer service and feel that any damage done to flowers would be out of our control, such as the environment, temperature, handler, and more. However, if you feel that you truly should receive a refund, return or exchange we truly apologize that our service was not 110% for you and would like you to call 937-653-2355 so a win-win-win situation can happen for both the recipient, purchaser, and us!