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Making a Bouquet
Flower Arrangement

Flower Classes

Flower Classes

Click 'Book Now' to choose a class you'd like to join and pick a time you'd like to come in and be creative! If these time slots don't work for you or you have a special occasion coming up and would like to have certain people in your party, call us at 937-653-2355 and we can arrange a day and time to do so!


Mason Jar Class

Fresh Flowers

Do you love fresh flowers at a low cost? Join our class so you can create your own bouquet with flowers, materials, and assistance included!


Floral Macaron Class

Macaron Lovers

Do you love yummy macarons and flowers? Why not combine the two?! Join our class so you can create your own floral macarons box, materials, and assistance included!


Potting Class

For Plant Lovers

Do you love plants but don't know where to start or how to take care of them? Create your own plant garden with tips and tricks on how to make your plants grow like never before!

Bells Flowers (24)_edited_edited.jpg

Petal Pals Workshop

For Kiddos

Is your kiddo a flower lover at heart? Bring your child to our Petal Pals Workshop and design a fresh arrangement with them as we teach you side by side. This includes flowers for one design, materials needed, and snacks!

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